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Citi Group has an extended team of specialist business coaches mentoring owners to grow revenues and exceed shareholder expectations.

Founding President, Deanna Muller, encourages all potential clients to ponder her following observations.

Over many years I have enjoyed listening to hundreds of successful business people talk about their story. Without exception, all in their own way, they credit these five things to their success:

1. You must love and be passionate about what you do. If you aren’t, you may as well stop right now. The road ahead is not going to be easy at times, but the sheer love of what you do and the passion you have in your belly for what you are doing will get you through.

2. It’s hard work!  The late Steve Jobs, Bill Gates through to Michael Hill or Sir Peter Jackson on the other side of the globe all worked incredibly hard to achieve in business. Most successful business people, at some stage, have risked everything and worked extremely hard to become financially secure. Long hours doing the hard yards get talked about in all the talks I have listened to. You are deluded if you think the road to extraordinary success is easy. It’s hard work and you need to be prepared to roll the sleeves up and get into it. If you have this attitude, you will reap the rewards.

3. Know your limitations. They all knew that the best thing for them to do was to leverage their talents and get others to do what they struggled with. Most talk about surrounding themselves with much smarter people than themselves or outsourcing that task to experts. I, probably like you, have learned this lesson the hard way in many aspects of my life. Sometimes through necessity we have tried to do everything, and it’s cost us in the long run. Don’t make this mistake.

4.Do things differently. The striking thing that all credited their success to was to do things differently than their competitors.  This allowed them to stand out and attract attention. There is no better example of this than what Steve Jobs did with Apple. You think of Apple and you think of innovative technology. Sir Peter Jackson leveraging creative New Zealanders. I am sure you can name many other successful local and international businesses that have succeeded by doing things differently.

5.You need a coach to help you navigate your desired journey. Its the old saying, you don’t know what you don’t know. You wouldn’t do surgery without a medical expert by your side or run a sports team without a coach but many believe they can run a business without guidence. We do as little or as much researching, planning, implementation and monitoring of all the steps in full consultation with you.  All that you need to do to achieve the business success you and your shareholders deserve. Let us be that coach.

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Image of Deanna Muller

Deanne Muller – Founding President

Featured Consultant : Tony Adams is our Australian based expert in Social Media Marketing and Key Note Speaker on related matters.

Tony Adams is a well known international speaker and businessman. Founder of Scorpio Music, Australia’s fastest growing record company and Dental Media who provide specialist social media advice to the dental profession.

Tony Adams : Business Coach

“Social Media Marketing is moving so fast that many corporates are missing tremendous opportunities to capitalise on this. Others are battling with compliance issues.”

Tony’s clients range from Fox Global News to CBD Natural Health.

You can learn more about Tony by visiting his web site http://www.tonyadams.com/

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